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Shreeji Group has been one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing real estate companies of Mumbai’s Western Suburbs, sculpting spaces that redefine the essence of modern luxury. We take pride in upholding the reputation for our thoughtfully conceived projects, solid construction, latest engineering techniques and the ability to take on projects of scale and complexity, providing value and growth for the customers.

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Artistic Impression

Shreeji Atlantis

Luxurious 2, 3 & 4 BHK | Orlem - Malad (W), Mumbai

Artistic Impression

Shreeji Solitaire

Elegant 1, 2 & 3 BHK | Kandivali (W)

Artistic Impression

Artistic Impression

Shreeji Plaza

Smart 1 & 2 BHK | Orlem - Malad (W), Mumbai

  • Company Milestone

Company Milestone

Received development rights for land measuring 12,000 sq. m.
Received development rights for land measuring 7,000 sq. m.
Received construction approval for land measuring 4,000 sq. m.
Received construction approval for land measuring 22,000 sq. m.
Conceptualised Shreeji Orlem World, a 10.5 acre land parcel in Orelm, Malad.
Completed construction of 8 lakh sq. ft. area in Shreeji Orlem World during the Covid-19 lockdown.
2.5 million sq. ft. area under construction in Mumbai’s Western Suburbs.
Handed over homes measuring 6.2 lac sq. ft across various projects and commenced construction work on 12 lac sq. ft across projects.


Passcode Bliss, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 90000 sq. ft.
Passcode One Lyf, Kandivali (W)
Area of Construction: 290000 sq. ft.
Passcode Eternity, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 380000 sq. ft.
Passcode Nakshatra, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 140000 sq. ft.
Passcode Signature, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 55000 sq. ft.
Passcode Trinity, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 175000 sq. ft.
Passcode Arista, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 75000 sq. ft.
Passcode Ivy, Bandra (W)
Area of Construction: 75000 sq. ft.
Passcode Senate, Malad (W)
Area of Construction: 150000 sq. ft.
Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

  • Akash Parekh & Ruchita Parekh

    A – 1803

    We have just booked a 2 BHK at Shreeji Plaza during Navratri 2021. Actually, I was looking for a project where I can see a sizable appreciation in apartment prices. Given the amazing location advantage and the amenities within the project, I am convinced that my investment in Shreeji Plaza is surely going to fetch me amazing returns. I certainly have made ‘the right choice’.

  • Maraline & Stenley parkel

    A – 2302 & 2402

    We had been looking for a perfect home that would suit our needs. We are a joint family with a mix of family members of all ages. Thus, we were on the lookout for a home that is not only spacious but also offers amenities that would engage all. Atlantis is the perfect home that we were looking for. It has ample amenities, not only for my family but also for the guests. It has perfect connectivity with the metro coming up. It offers everything that we were looking for. A special word for the staff, who are very warm and professional and regularly update us on the progress of the project. Atlantis by Shreeji Construction is highly recommended!

  • Krishna Jathan & Shaila Jathan

    Generic Investor

    When you are buying a home, one of the top things that you are looking for is a trusted builder, who maintains transparency and is genuine. Shreeji Construction is the answer. They are by far the BEST realtors as not only do they have the above attributes, but also, when I was looking for a house for an investment purpose, they helped me with all the possible details. They also gave a project delivery guarantee, which gave me assurance and was a big check for me.